instruments used to urethra stretching

Instruments Used to Stretch the Urethra | eHow

Instruments Used to Stretch the Urethra. Urine flows from the bladder out of the urethra. If blocked, there are various instruments that can stretch the urethra and  .

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and the equipment needs to be serialized . the only way i know . The Sounds There are two types of sounds in common use, named after their inventors. . The idea, of course, is to stretch the urethra just a bit. You should not .

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Urethral Stricture | The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

The instrument can also be used to stretch the narrowed area of the urethra. A small tube called a catheter is left in place as the area heals. Urethroplasty: An .

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Urethral stricture: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Urethral stricture is an abnormal narrowing of the tube that carries urine out of the . by inserting a thin instrument to stretch the urethra while you are under local anesthesia. . If urethral dilation is not successful or possible, you may need surgery to . The information provided herein should not be used during any medical .

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Urethral sounding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sounding or urethral sounding is the medical use of probes called sounds to increase the inner diameter of the urethra and to locate obstructions in it. Sounds  .

A lowdown on the urethra (frankly): Urethral manipulation uncovered ...

May 15, 2012 . Sounding: The insertion of an object into the urethra; Meatotomy: The dilation . Meatotome: An instrument used to enlarge the urethral opening .

Urology Care Foundation - Urology A-Z - Urethral Stricture Disease

Most people will not have any problems with the urethra, but a few of us may . jelly into the urethra, and to use the smallest possible catheter necessary for the shortest . dilator: An instrument to stretch body tis-sues and enlarge an opening,  .

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Urethral Play | Kennedyray's Weblog

In urethral play, you generally have two kinds of instruments that you can use. A sound is one type of device that comes in a variety of widths and is inserted into .

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This was my first experience in using sounding instruments...and it won't be the last! So far I've only been able to use the 6mm tool but, I'm looking forward to .

Urethral Stricture Evaluation

A description of the anatomy of the urethra, and causes, complications, evaluations . Calibration (bougie-a-boule) – serial metal instruments that are used to determine . The best chance for this is to stretch the scar without causing bleeding.

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Sounds - BME Encyclopedia

Sep 11, 2006 . Sounds are smooth medical instruments designed to enlarge the urethra. In a non-medical setting they are used both for urethral stretching, .

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What Is Urethral Dilation? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

Oct 13, 2013 . Typically used to help with urine flow, urethral dilation can be. . or trauma from the insertion of an instrument such as a cystoscope or catheter.

Penis Plugs, Sounds, medical dilators, Sounding devices, penile ...

Items 1 - 16 of 121 . Penis plugs, and sounds are some of our most popular items. Penis plugs are inserted into the urethra. The general shape is varies from .

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It's Not What You Think: The Story of Urethral Dilation in Women ...

Jun 29, 2011 . FYI and Tools . Urethral dilation has been utilized for a variety of female urinary complaints both irritative (urinary frequency, urgency and burning . I suspect that this is why these diagnoses are frequently used erroneously.

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Medical Reasons for Male Urethra Stretching | eHow

At that time your doctor will widen the urethra by using a thin instrument that stretches the urethra. A local anesthesia is used for this procedure. Once the .

Urethral Bulking for Urinary Incontinence - WebMD

Urethral bulking to treat urinary incontinence involves injecting material around the urethra. . Tools & Resources. OAB Questions for Your . The surgery is used mostly for women and sometimes for men. . Article. OAB and Your Sex Life.

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Sounding -

Jul 11, 2003 . sounding Sounding (also called stuffing) is a form of urethral play: it is the generic term for the widening of the male urethra using a tool commonly r... . a good idea when sounding; an antibacterial ointment can be used as a .

The Length of the Male Urethra - International Braz J Urol

Purpose: Catheter-based medical devices are an important component of . penis was placed on a gentle stretch and the catheter was marked at the tip of the penis. . information of the male urethra and may be used to optimize genitourinary .

Urethral Stricture: Treatment - FreeMD

Jun 8, 2011 . Treatment options may include urethral dilation or surgery. . A flexible scope is used to introduce an instrument that cuts the scar tissue, which .

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What is the treatment for urethral stricture? - MedicineNet

Occasionally, patients are given instructions and dilation instruments (rods, . cheek (buccal mucosa) or a skin flap may be used to form a reconstructed urethra .

Meatal/urethral dilatation - Cambridge University Hospitals

Stretching of the urethra or the urethral opening for narrowing resulting in a poor urinary stream . Normally, a full general anaesthetic will be used and you will be asleep throughout the procedure. . instruments. It may be necessary to insert a .

"Cock-stuffing" | Go Ask Alice!

Feb 18, 2005 . Some discomfort may be felt later if the sound has stretched the urethra. If that happens, people use smaller "sounds." Some men also feel .

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Urethral stricture - Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery

Sep 22, 2012 . Visual examination of the urethra by a thin optic instrument may be . Dilatation procedure presents stretching of the stricture using . The best quality silicon urethral catheters are used for urethral modeling and stenting.

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JT's Stockroom - Urethral Sounds, Dilators & Penis Plugs

The Tooling Sounds kit is a set of fourteen different urethral sounding tools that . This exciting piece is one of the first to use both glans rings and cock rings to .

Sounding? Sounds like fun! « The Pleasure Chest

Jun 17, 2011 . This tool was used to “sound the depths” of a patient's urethra, in the same . For this reason, women looking to explore urethral play should try .

Stainless, Steel, Male, Chastity, Urethral, Stretching - YouTube

Mar 7, 2011 . . Male Chastity Devicesby Michael Young119,961 .

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Deviants' Dictionary: Sounds

Jul 15, 1997 . Types of Sounds - Sizes - Sterility; Other Equipment for Sound Play . Sounds are medical instruments designed for insertion into the urethra, the tube . Incidentally, the name 'sound is used in the sense of 'to find the depth of' .

Urethral Dilator Manufacturers & Suppliers - Catalog - IndiaMART

View Urethral Dilator offered by various companies and contact them directly for your . Also offering other product like neurosurgical instruments and plastic surgery . hospital use urethral dilator and patient care disposable urethral dilator .

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Urethral Sounds | EXtreme Restraints

Urethral Sounding is the method of stimulating your penis from the inside out by . equipment, we also offer dilator sets which gradually stretch the urethra as well as . The Hegar sound is a urethral dilator, where either end can be used.

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Urethral Stricture Dilation, Urethrotomy - Center for Reconstructive ...

Distal strictures towards the tip of the penis are often dilated using progressively larger metal instruments called urethral sounds. Commonly used urethral .

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Bondage Gear by Urethral Sounds - Bondage Gear - Sex ...

In addition to simple sounding equipment, we also offer dilator sets which gradually . The Hegar sound is a urethral dilator, where either end can be used.

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