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Different Sorts of Hair Rollers for Perms |
The tightness of curl or looseness of a wave in a perm is determined by the . resulting in waves on shorter hair and tight to somewhat medium curls on the latter.

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Hair Perm Service FAQ |
The hair is then washed and wrapped around a perm rod to hold the shape the hair is going to take. A waving lotion is . To keep your curly style to the roots you will probably need a touch-up in six to eight weeks. . Permed Medium Hairstyles .


How to Relax a Perm With Home Remedies |
This will help to remove some of the perm's chemicals from your hair before they fully set the curl. 2. Apply moisturizing conditioner to your hair. 3. Comb your .

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Straighten Curly Hair - How To Information |
Medium length curly hair needs to be straightened in a very specific way. . think of perm solution as a something used with perming rods to create curly hair.

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Anti-perm or anti-curl to take as much curl as possible out of the hair
Anti-Perm. Q: I have medium thick, long hair that is wavy/curly. One of the salons near me advertises an "anti-curl" and when I called to ask for more information, .

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How to Wind a Spiral Perm Rod |
Many women with naturally straight hair want curls, so they get perms to achieve the naturally curly look and give their hair some body. One specialized type of .

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Perm Rods - How To Information |
Perm Rods how to articles and videos including Types of Perm Rods, Spiral Rod . A perm can transform even the straightest hair into beautiful curly locks. . in a variety of colors and can either be small and skinny, big and fat, or medium size.

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How Often Should You Perm Your Hair? |
A perm, or permanent wave, is a way to chemically alter the structure of your hair so that the hair changes its shape and morphs from straight to curly. Because .

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Chemically Curled Hairstyles |
Spiral perms add spiral curls to medium and long-length hair. Chemically curled, or permed, hairstyles add permanent curl, texture, style and hold to all types of .

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Permed Medium Hairstyles |
Permed Medium Hairstyles. For decades, perms have been the go-to hairstyle for those who want curl and body in their hair. Today's perms differ from the curlier .

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Naturally Curly Hair - How To Information |
Naturally Curly Hair how to articles and videos including How to Care for Naturally Curly . Perms are expensive and curling irons dry out and damage your hair. . Whether you have short, medium or long hair, there are several hairstyles that .

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Hair Perms |
If you want to get gorgeous in a few hours then get the perms for curly hair. . The types of perms for medium hair are many, including the not so obvious root .

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Video: How to Put Rods in for a Perm |
Learn how to put in rods for a perm with tips from a professional hair designer in this free video on hair care. Part of the Video Series: Hair Care Tips. How to Get .

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How to Get Rid of a Perm
Sep 26, 2011 . Here are some tips to get rid of a perm in your hair. Most women are unhappy with their hair type. If you have naturally curly hair, you will yearn .

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