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Did Paula Patton Pop Molly Before BET Awards?

Jul 1, 2013 . Paula Patton left many at the BET Awards with a lot to talk . the award up there on stage flirting with antwan fisher and the rest of her black .

How Paula Patton Stole the Show at the 'Baggage Claim' L.A. ...

Sep 26, 2013 . News; Videos; Video Details; Actor; Images; Related Links; Twitter; BBC Results; Shopping . Paula Patton On Miley Cyrus Twerking With Husband. . Outkast's André Benjamin and Antwan A. Patton, Terrence Howard, Ving .

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Paula Patton Movies - Blockbuster

Your online source for Paula Patton movies, biography and filmography. Paula Patton and over 600000 other actors can be found at . OutKast duo André "Andre 3000" Benjamin and Antwan Andre "Big Boi" Patton star as two . BLOCKBUSTER name, design and related marks are trademarks of .

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Outkast's 'Idlewild' rolls out in high style -

Aug 21, 2006 . Idlewild stars Antwan A. (Big Boi) Patton, Paula Patton, actor/rapper Andre ( Andre 3000) Benjamin arrive at the Ziegfield Theatre.

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Idlewild Movie - Paula Patton on Outkast and Singing

Paula Patton discusses Idlewild, the movie starring starring Andre Benjamin ( Andre 3000) and Antwan A Patton (Big Boi), her singing abilities, and starring in . Top Related Searches outkast music stunning visuals lena horne cabin in the sky .

'Baggage Claim' review: Paula Patton's romantic comedy arrives jet ...

Sep 27, 2013 . Paula Patton fizzes and flounces through "Baggage Claim," a . Wikipedia related links: . In August 2006, Patton starred in Idlewild, alongside Outkast's André Benjamin and Antwan A. Patton, Terrence Howard, Ving .

Idlewild (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The cast includes Terrence Howard, Paula Jai Parker, Paula Patton, Cicely . 3000 and Paula Patton, dubbed by Debra Killings), André Benjamin, Antwan .

Idlewild - Movies - Review -

Aug 25, 2006 . Antwan A. Patton (a k a Big Boi), above with the ladies, plays Rooster, . Related. From the Magazine: The Odd Couple (Aug. 20, 2006) . There are more clichés, including a beautiful singer, Angel (Paula Patton), who strolls .

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Antwan Patton: Biography from

Antwan Patton rap musician; entrepreneur; dog breeder Personal Information Born Antwan Patton on February 1 . Are antwan Patton and paula Patton related ?

sexy Lois Griffin Idlewild (Widescreen Edition): Andre Benjamin ...

Rooster, played by Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, "inherits" a Depression-era . like Paula Patton as Angel & Faizon Love as Ace, while others were brilliant and . Interviews: Paula Patton, Idlewild

Aug 12, 2006 . Interview with actress Paula Patton on Idlewild. . Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton of Outkast star in this stylized tale of a southern .

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Idlewild -

Andre Benjamin and Antwan A. Patton--a.k.a. Andre 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast . CAST : Andre Benjamin,Antwan A. Patton,Paula Patton,Terrence Howard, Faizon . Learn how you can help cure Progeria - and its aging-related disorders .

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Are antwan Patton and paula Patton related - Wiki Answers

Is paula Patton and antwan Patton related? idk no. Does Paula Patton have a brother? Yes, she has a brother Charles Patton, who is a partner at an investment  .

Idlewild (2006) - IMDb

With André Benjamin, Big Boi, Paula Patton. Visit IMDb for Photos, Showtimes, Cast, Crew, . Rooster (as Antwan A. Patton). Paula Patton ... Angel Davenport.

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Movie Review: Idlewild (2006) starring Paula Patton, Ving Rhames ...

Aug 25, 2006 . Actors: Paula Patton, Ving Rhames, Jalil Jay Lynch, Andre 'Andre 3000' Benjamin, Antwan 'Big Boi' Patton . to his son, save some moments of work- related dialogue (most of which involve scolding over improper behavior).

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HOT PIX: PAULA PATTON IN COMPLEX. on 11/22/2011; tags: HOT . Antwan Patton Sr. is a veteran....naw, scratch that...he's a legend. So when you pair him .

Idlewild Movie News, Articles & Gossip -

Thicke, the son of actor Alan Thicke, admits he attempted to drink away the memory of his wife, Paula Patton, in clinches with the Outkast star. He recalls, "I was a .

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Idlewild Movie Review | The Cinema Source-TCS

Search for related posts · Idlewild - 1 - Andre_3000. Idlewild. Director: Bryan Barber. Cast: Andre 3000, Antwan Andre Patton, Paula Patton, Terrence Howard,  .

Groucho Reviews: Idlewild

Aug 24, 2006 . Related Reviews . Cast: Andre 'Andre 3000' Benjamin, Antwan 'Big Boi' Patton, Faizon Love, Paula Jai Parker, Paula Patton. If movie critics .

Big Boi House Pictures -

. in Fayetteville GA USA. Big Boi, a.k.a. Antwan Patton, is a singer and actor, half of the music duo OutKast. . Related Celeb Homes: Celebrity Homes in GA .

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“Idlewild” -

Aug 25, 2006. starring André Benjamin and Antwan A. Patton (also known, respectively, as Andre . His lifelong best friend is Rooster, played by Patton, a family man with five kids . “Idlewild” is an unconventional movie filled with conventions: A young singer named Angel (Paula Patton, whose . More Related Stories.

Those Prohibition years sure were pretty phat - SFGate

Aug 25, 2006 . Starring Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton, Paula Patton, Terrence Howard, Malinda . The artfully anachronistic musical numbers find Patton belting out blues-tinged . Source: BART train was on strike-related practice run.

About a Boi - Page 1 - Movies - Dallas - Dallas Observer

Aug 24, 2006 . (When Paula Patton's nervous diva belts out a few notes in a single shot that lasts six or more seconds, it feels . Starring André Benjamin, Antwan A. Patton, Terrence Howard and Paula Patton. Opens Friday. Related Stories.

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Big Boi of OutKast settles drug case | theGrio

Oct 13, 2011 . Related Posts. Big Boi and Andre . The 36-year-old rapper's real name is Antwan Patton. WATCH BIG . Paula Patton on Robin Thicke's 'size'.

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Idlewild - Movie info: cast, reviews, trailer on

André Benjamin and Antwan Patton (aka Big Boi) of the hip-hop group OutKast star in this musical extravaganza that delivers roadhouse boogie straight up in a  .

Things I Learned Watching Idlewild - Blogs - Village Voice

Aug 29, 2006 . • Paula Patton (Robin Thicke's wife!), who plays Andre's love interest, needs to be in . Related Content. Which Female Country Star is Your .

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Review: Idlewild -- Kim's Take - The Moviefone Blog

Aug 24, 2006 . TAGS andre benjamin, andrew 3000, antwan a patton, big boi, bryan . Enter Miss Angel Davenport (Paula Patton), a sultry songstress touring .


Aug 25, 2006 . ANTWAN A. PATTON plays his longtime best friend, a wilder character . PAULA PATTON plays a diva-type club singer who arrives at the speakeasy . Sexually related dialogue is present, as are several sexual encounters .

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Big Boi | New Music And Songs | MTV

General Patton. big-boi. Video. General Patton . ALfromtheville: @BigBoi more folks care about Paula Deen and missed what the SCOTUS did. 27 June 2013.

Idlewild Trailer, Reviews and Schedule for Idlewild |

This Prohibition-era musical, tailored to the personas of OutKast's Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton and directed . son of a respectable undertaker, and gregarious, outgoing Rooster (Patton), the . Paula Patton: Angel . Related Websites.

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Outkast Movie Idlewild Goes Buckwild in Theaters - Yahoo Voices ...

Sep 5, 2006 . Depicted to be taking place in the 1930s, Patton and Benjamin play childhood friends that grow . or not to get close to the nightclub's newest performer, Angel Davenport (Paula Patton). . Related Content . The rap group, Outkast consists of members Antwan "Big Boi" Patton and Andre "3000" Benjamin.

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Andre 3000's Mother Dies One Day After Rapper's Birthday

May 29, 2013 . Celebrity Photos: October 2013. Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton arrived at the Heathrow airport in London on Oct. 21.

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